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Couples Ministry - couples can grow in God and foster a healthy marriage where God is at the center and the word of God is the manual in which there marriage is base upon .
- covenant( agreement ,) before God 
- Coming together as one 
- Unit 
- God is the center of this marriage 
- Love is the center  of the marriage
- Pray for each other 


- lead the home 
- Vision for the family 
- Breadwinner - provide for the family take care of them
- Protect and cover his wife 
- Shower her with love 
- Caring compassionate toward her
- Wife is suppose to be his best friend 

Commutation is key 
Talk to your partner
Be open about your feelings 
Have discussions
Issue deal with it right away 



- qualities of a virtuous women 
- Help mate - husband partner, biggest supporter , cheer him on, stand by his side no matter what challenges come , you are there with him through it all 
- Cover him ( protect him)
- Never slander his name 
- Respect him 
- Submit to him ( respect , honour )

Couples - in one with each other 
Work together to bring the vision alive 
Compliment each other 
Spend quality time together- keep the fire burning never let it burn out 
Spice up the relationship ( bubble bath with candles , candle light dinner do it within your home ,massages , cook a nice dinner )
Ladies - strive to remain attractive / just because you are married , look appealing for your man , intentional ( why I say this) when you are in the dating mode you would go all out to look beautiful / I find at times some of us once married we do not make the effort 

5 love language 
Gifts- give something tangible ( flowers, jewellery)
Affirmation - positive / words of love / compliments 

Sex- be creative 

Woman - wear sexy stuff yo entice your husband 
Don’t allow your husband to start exploring ( enemy comes in) we got to do our jobs wives

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