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Lead Pastors


Pastor Dom and his wife Tamara, affectionately known as "Lady T" are a true definition of pursuing love, kindness, affection and a catalyst for positive in their environment which we all need every now and then.

They are the founders and lead Pastors of Dream Nation Christian Center in Toronto, Canada and currently oversees a number of Pastors in the region..

Pastor Dom knew at a very tender age of eight when he used to be called on by his sunday school to either lead in song or teach. His mother's desire at the time for him to become a servant of the Most High God.

In boarding school, he would stand in front of his entire class and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in spite of the mockery from his friends, he stood his ground and remained faithful at this for three solid years while also serving within the scripture union in School.

In 1997, Pastor Ransford Obeng, the general overseer of Calvary Charismatic Centre in Kumasi, Ghana took him under his wings as he mentored him while singing in the choir, planting Churches and evangelising the neighbouring Secondary Schools.

He met his wife at a gospel roller skating in 2006 and the rest if history. They are blessed with three beautiful children and resides in the northern part of the Greater Toronto Area.

Pastor Dom and Lady T have an unwavering passion to see souls saved, lives transformed through their practical teachings of God's word. They have endured, experienced and persevered a lot and still remain unshaken for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lady T along with some amazing and supportive women currently re-launched the women’s ministry ” Daughters of the Kingdom of God“.

Furthermore she provides support and counselling to those in need, enjoys singing and also an advocate for mental health. 

Pastor Dom is also a worshiper at heart who loves to sing, write and also have numerous  professional recordings and sometimes lead the music team in worship.

He has also held several corporate leadership roles with fortune 500 companies and also serves as the lead Pastor along with his wife at Dream Nation Christian Center in Toronto.


  • non-denominational church


  • Charismatic


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