We are a non-denominational Church, Pentecostal & Charismatic in our expression with a mandate of creating a family where social class or status, race, ethnicity, background or color is irrelevant to the greater covenant under which we are all united as One.

Dream Nation is a place where the presence of God continuously manifests, and the supernatural is the natural and commonplace. 

A place where everyone is liberated in Jesus Christ and is set up to become whom he or she are predestined to become through practical teachings of the word of God.

We are passionate about reaching the lost for Jesus Christ, teaching them into maturity and then releasing them into their fullness of potential and callings.


As Christians, we are called to leadership, to lead a lost world to salvation. 

Where do we start, how do we implement direction from theory to practice? 

When we have an eternal vision, when we understand what Jesus did for us,  we know we have been “saved” from the judgment by the blood of Christ, how can we not be prompted to action? 

We have the key to eternity, through our knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

How can we stand by while those around us die without Christ? 

The answer is we can’t, Jesus wants us to take action.


In Matthew 28, he ordered the apostles to make disciples of all nations, teach them all things walking in His authority.  This method of leadership was used by the early church to reach the lost in pagan Greek and Roman society.  Our society today is not much different, as the conflict between the secular and faithful grows. 


Jesus left instructions for the Church. Firstly they were to wait at Jerusalem until they received power from the Holy Spirit.  Once this occurred, they were to take the teachings (make disciples) of Jesus to the nations.  That is our job, to bring the Gospel to the nations, Jesus gives us the authority, we need to act on the power we have.


The knowledge the disciples bore was the light of the world.  We bear this same light; we are the light bearers to the world, the Holy Spirit works through us.  The Gospel message is the light to the nations as foretold by Isaiah, seven-hundred years before the birth of Jesus. 



The moment we receive the gift of salvation, we are initiated into the Kingdom of God and practice it's culture. Here are a few core cultural values of the Kingdom we deliberately try to emulate:


Love: It's only by our love, the world know that we are true disciples of Christ.

Empowerment: We have the promise of doing greater works than Jesus.

Grace: This great value in the Kingdom allows us many chances to get it right.

Generosity: Our entire walk is an act of selflessness and the giving of ourselves, love, material possessions and very life for the sake of the good news.



The Entire Holy Bible

- God Almighty is the one and only true God.

- God is three-in-one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Creator of all nature.

- Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary is the only begotten son of the Father.

- Jesus Christ is God manifested and dwelt among men.

- All men have sinned and need redemption from our sins in order to have everlasting life in Heaven as opposed to eternal death in Hell.

- Jesus died for the sins of all mankind on the cross and that salvation is available through Him alone.

- A Christian is someone who has consciously and willingly accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

- All activities in the lives of believers must be guided and directed by the Bible.

- Ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit to believers, as experienced by the early Church is for us today.

-  In accordance with the Scriptures, Jesus Christ will come again to reign on Earth and at the final judgment will, judge each man individually for what he has believed, done, said and thought.