Breaking bread is not merely about breaking the actual bread itself.

As the word of God said in psalms 119:105 AMP 

"Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path". 

Breaking Bread is a platform where youths and young  adults  are coming together, to give and receive a word.


We strongly believe all young  leaders of the Kingdom have a word inside that God gave them but they lack  the platform where they can express themselves through  thoughts of various topics of our everyday life. 

We go live via Facebook and YouTube every Monday at 8pm to support and connect all the youths and young adults who wish to express their thoughts and messages and we use the word of God as a guide .


Our mission is to connect to youths and young adults all over the world and we strongly believe by the Grace of God we will create an  impact on many youths and young adults, to not only Go through this life but to Grow through this Life by applying the word of God. 

This is a critical time that we as children of God  especially young leaders should come together and sit and Break that Bread. 


Only the word of God will bring us true  light,hope,peace of mind, certainty and faith in this time.


This is the time to BREAK BREAD.

By Kemore Francis, Youth Leader