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Why Would You Not Accept a Free Gift?

A gift is something you get without doing any work to get it. Some people find it hard to accept a gift. They feel they don’t deserve it.

It is not earned based on the work you did, it is something someone who loves or cares gives you. They thought of you and graciously gave you the gift.

God offers everyone His gift of salvation. A gift where we can be delivered from sin.

Sin separated us from God back in the book of Genesis when Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and learned about good and evil. From that day, God gave Adam and Eve consequences that we all have to bear. Which we still do in this present day.

God told Adam that he will have to toil to eat fruit from it. That we would have to work in order to eat (Genesis 3:17). We will have to trade our labor to sustain the basic necessities of life. We are so programmed to believe that nothing comes for free.

We have to work to receive a paycheck in order to survive. This means nothing comes to us for free unless we are a baby. Although babies do have to work in order to get what they want.

We grow up, get an education, work and get what we accepted to be paid as our earnings.

The only time we get gifts is during an occasion like a birthday or Christmas. Maybe every now and then your spouse or family may surprise you but it is very rare. The gift is dependant on the significance of the special day.

Here is a gift of grace from God that no work is needed to receive it.

Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior; that’s the start. This gift is offered to everyone. It wasn’t given because of your birthday or an accomplishment like graduating from college or winning a race.

We are so accustomed to tradition and our way of life we live that we ignore God's Word.

Why accepting this free gift is important

Sin is what separates us from God. It keeps us from knowing who He is and living in a way that He wants us to because we have our own free will. We are all sinners including myself. No one is perfect. I sin daily whether intended or not. Mostly not intended. It is human nature.

So if we are sinners and can’t do anything about it to get rid of it what’s the point of accepting this free gift?

It determines where you will spend eternity, straight up. You either gain eternal life in heaven or eternal suffering in hell.

My ultimate goal in life is to get through the pearly gates and not be thrown in the lake of fire because that is where we will spend the rest of our lives forever and ever.

We are on earth for a brief period of time. Our life on Earth is less than a millisecond compared to where we will live after we die. When we die, our flesh stays on earth and decays but our soul never dies — we get a new body. We are transformed and we have a place to go after.

If we don’t accept Jesus Christ as our savior

If we don’t repent and turn away from sin, we will forever be separated from God. We will be thrown in the lake of fire like a piece of garbage. He will say “Depart from me I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:21–23) Thrown into the lake of fire like a piece of trash never to see light again.

You will burn in eternal heat with maggots all over you that never die. Maggots will be feasting on you forever in the dark firey furnace(Mark 9:48).

You will be crying out in the darkness, wailing and grinding your teeth because it is so unbearable. (Matthew 8:12)

There is constant torture nonstop. There will be no peace, no joy, no contentment, and no comfort. Everything opposite of what Jesus offers.

I’m afraid of getting burnt. The sight of maggots makes me want to puke. I can’t handle not being able to rest.

If you don’t like those things, it’s time to look into this free gift. Do your research on it.

Find a Bible-believing Church.

I’m going to warn you as a new believer, this may be challenging as well because there are leaders that come as a wolf in sheep’s clothes.

I highly advise not to turn away because some who call themselves Christians are hypocrites. We are all sinners. Please understand you want to work on it for your own salvation so don’t reject this free gift because someone who says they’re Christian is a hypocrite. We are not perfect.

Yes, there are Christian thieves, Christian liars, and Christian frauds. I know those are oxymorons but these are people claiming to be Christian and deceive at the same time.

Keep in mind the beginning of wisdom is to fear God so please keep seeking even when you encounter these fake Christians. Again, it is for your own salvation. Don’t let that offend you to turn away.

God loves you and wants you to seek Him.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10, NIV)

The best way is to read the Bible yourself so you get directly from God Himself. Use the Bible app and change it to the amplified version.

Pray for help before you read it. That way you let God know that you want to know Him and understand exactly what His message is for you.

Start your relationship with God and start to talk to Him like your best friend. Honour Him and give gratitude. He is omnipotent and hears you. As He hears you, He will start revealing Himself to you and open doors for you.

It’s not an easy journey, you will encounter challenges and obstacles. Bottom line, keep in mind you want to get to the pearly gates. You want to get to the streets painted with gold. (Revelations 21:21) You want to be in brightness. You do not want to burn with worms in the dark cast away departed from God.

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